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Tom and Mother
Tom and his mother Margaret

Tom Sr.
Tom Weaver, Sr.

Tom Jr Grade School
Tom Jr. in grade school

Football photo
Sports Figure

1212th Platoon
The 1212th Platoon

Tom's introduction to St. Jude
Tom and St. Jude's work with children

75th Birthday Celebration
75th Birthday

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The man behind the trust

Overview of the life of Thomas R. Weaver, Jr.        

    Thomas R. Weaver, Jr. was born in Springfield, Missouri  on December 12, 1922 to Thomas R. Weaver, Sr. and Margaret Brennan Weaver.  Throughout his lifetime, he was known simply as "Tom" to all who knew him.

    He was schooled throughout his young years in Springfield, and attended one year of college.  Then World War II began...    

    On December 10, 1942, Tom was inducted into the United States Marine Corps in which he proudly served our country for three years.  He often talked of being stationed in the Hawaiian Islands after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and although he took pride in his service he always said he couldn't think of any place he'd rather be than at home in Springfield, Missouri.

    Unfortunately during his term of active duty Tom's mother, Margaret Weaver, passed away after a lengthy illness.  Tom always mourned the fact that he was unable to gain leave from the military to attend her funeral.  As always his service to our country took precedence over his personal grief.

    On November 5, 1945, Tom was Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps as a Private First Class.  Upon his discharge he returned to Springfield, Missouri, and went into business with his father who owned and operated  Weaver Motor Company, a highly respected car dealership on McDaniel Street.

    From then on, Tom was hooked on being a car salesman and learned a great deal about the business from his father.  Always looking for new avenues of interest, Tom then began purchasing rental property in his home town.

    The car dealership moved to a new location on St. Louis Street, and after his father's death at age 77 in 1979, Tom took over the ownership of Weaver Motor Co. where he continued to operate out of a tiny one room office throughout his lifetime, specialising in selling used vehicles and renting affordable housing to those in need.

    Over his lifetime career as an entrepreneur in the car sales and rental property business, Tom was a fixture in the town of Springfield.   Many of Springfield's business and government leaders passed through the door of that tiny office to visit with Tom over his 50+ year career, and they can feel honored, to be sure, to have been able to count him as a friend.

    He was often teased for the simple way he lived, he did not  flash nor flaunt his wealth, and was often judged by the gruff exterior he presented to those around him.  He drove a 1979 wagoneer and refused to ever move from his tiny  and often disheveled office, yet  he was a caring soul who often came to the aid of those others would  ignore.  He was certainly a "character" , but more importantly he was always a "friend" to many people far and wide, willing to lend a helping hand to any one who needed one.

    On December 17, 1999, Thomas R. Weaver, Jr. passed from this life due to complications brought on by  congestive heart failure.  His final resting place is by his father's side in the Weaver Cemetary located in Ozark, Missouri.

    It was no surprise to any one who knew him well that Tom had made certain that those who might need his "helping hand" the most could benefit from the assets he aquired throughout his lifetime.  Upon his passing, it was revealed that he had placed his rental property in trust and named St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as the beneficiary of the money gained from the liquidation of these properties.